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Since 1994, the Law Office of Rosanne Calbo-Jackson has met the diverse legal needs of individuals and families throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. My firm provides comprehensive, caring and effective legal guidance to people who are experiencing a divorce or other family law issues. I welcome your inquiries and invite you to contact my firm to schedule your consultation to discuss any of the following legal issues.

Divorce: California is a no-fault divorce state where parties can dissolve a marriage based upon irreconcilable differences. As a certified Family Law Specialist by the California State Board of Legal Specialization, I provide people with knowledgeable legal representation throughout the divorce proceeding. I strive to reach negotiated settlements on behalf of my clients.

Child Custody: I help parents obtain favorable child custody and visitation arrangements. I provide legal guidance during the process of court-ordered mediation, helping my clients reach a parenting schedule. I strive to settle child custody cases out of court and always put the best interests of the children at the forefront.

Support: My firm represents people who will be paying child support and spousal support as well as those will be receiving child support and spousal support. Child support is calculated by state guidelines. Spousal support takes many factors into consideration. I can inform you of your rights and ensure the support determination protects those rights.

Property Division: Property, assets and debts that are acquired during a marriage are considered community property. This is joint property that is divided upon divorce. I strive to educate my clients about this process, safeguard their assets and inform them about their rights. When necessary, my firm hires financial experts to value assets and identify hidden assets.

Domestic Partnerships: I handle the family law issues experienced by same sex couples such as adoptions, partnership agreements and the dissolution of a domestic partnership.

Prenuptial Agreements: Prenuptial agreements can safeguard your separate property in the event of a divorce and ensure children from a previous marriage are provided for in the event of your death.

Guardianships: I help parents establish guardianships for minor children.


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