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California is a community property state. Property, assets and debt that were acquired during the marriage are joint (community) property and will undergo a distribution upon divorce. My firm understands that the financial situations of our clients vary. I approach each and every client with great care. I know that what you have-no matter how much or what size-you worked hard for it and want your contributions to be considered as property is divided.

If you are experiencing a divorce or considering a divorce, I encourage you to seek help from an experienced and attentive attorney. I have been handling property division cases since 1994. Call the Law Office of Rosanne Calbo-Jackson at 510-451-4408 to schedule your consultation. You may also fill out a contact form and someone from my firm will be in touch with you promptly.

We hire the appropriate experts when needed

I provide legal representation that allows people to safeguard their assets. In some situations, one spouse may make this difficult. In the example of a family-owned business, one spouse may attempt to hide assets. Others may claim that community property is separate property, attempting to have it excluded from the asset distribution. When it is necessary, my firm hires professionals such as business valuation experts and accountants to identify the actual type and amount of property. I strive to protect my clients' rights and their assets as property is divided. Whatever your situation, I am here to be your strongest advocate.

I can educate you on your rights and on what to expect. I want you to be informed about the process and not to experience any unnecessary surprises. Contact my firm to schedule your consultation today.

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